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Rounds Design


what we do.

Design. Create. Generate a brand. It’s a process, and a whole lot of fun. But there is methodology behind creating the perfect look. How we work is proven effective and always follows the same path: research, brainstorm, plan, execute, and complete!

what we deliver.

Logos, stationery suites, graphic standard manuals, annual reports, ad campaigns, brochures, invitations, folders, posters, catalogs, trade show booths, point-of-purchase displays, postcards, flyers, packing, labels, presentations, websites and so much more.

what we believe.

We are only as good as our research. That is our foundation. Our first goal is to know your product as well as you, and know your competition even better. Only through research are we able to execute the right message and ultimately, the right brand.

our golden rules.

Proof. Follow timelines. Never miss a deadline. Maintain communication trails. Work as a team. Be flexible. Be honest.

Be courteous.



We always research first. Learning about you is the most important part.


Ideas don't always come from 9am-5pm. Brainstorming is a fluid process that never sleeps.

After the behind the scenes work is done, a plan is developed. First sketches, then computer, then revisions, and then...


Fire up the Mac, it's game time.



A design is only finished when you say so. Teamwork makes it all come to life. Now let's show it off!

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