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Rounds Design


the designer. the client. the process.

Rounds Design is a small, award-winning and published branding and marketing agency. We specialize in thoughtfully-designed communication materials. Let us help you convey a memorable identity using the best in form and function. By coupling creative contemplation with seamless execution, and experience with mindful strategy, we will deliver a strong brand.


what we do. how we do it.

You know your business, and we want to know you. Our partnership will be dynamic. Together we will explore the best ways to express your message. We will then market it and deliver it thoughtfully.


We don’t create for the sake of creating. There are reasons behind our methodology. Our goal is to create compelling material, not just pretty art. We aim to give you a relevant and consistent identity—a force within your market. We strive to give you the best, and then watch you grow.

the process

Our process is streamlined, tried and true. Trust us. 

we get to make awesome stuff, but only because of our awesome clients.


thank you amazing clients.

I never realized how nerve-racking it would be to transition the message of my business into a logo!


Megan was patient and kind dealing with my uncertainty and had an amazing set of questions prepared to walk me through the conceptualization process. She was able to take my words, emotions, and preferences for design, color, and feel to transform my visions into a logo that perfectly matched my intended message.


Megan knows how to pay attention to details, has great listening skills, and an amazing intuition about how to get words and phrases to translate into design. 


She is not only talented, but an exceptionally kind individual, and a joy to work with!

–Dr. Dana McNeil, LMFT, PsyD

  Founder of the Relationship Place Marriage
 and Family Therapy

Rounds Design is our top choice for clients who require branding and design. Why? Because founder, Megan Rounds, and her team go deep into the ethos behind the brand to create designs that bring these intangible ideas and emotions to life. Rounds Design delivers every time. 

–Drew Hendricks

  President, Barrels Ahead

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